When two worlds meet – Davide & Shauna

Davide is from a small and isolated calabrian village, Cotronei. He has grown determined to succeed, so he decides to put everything he has got into his university preparation.He early moves away from the family home to pursue his dream and during his college career he come to Bologna. To make some extra money and to improve his English, he gives lessons in Italian to foreign students and on this very occasion meets Shauna, a young and lovely American student having a tour in Belpaese.

The spark strikes immediately and after a little while the two move to America where Davide get a job and they decide to start a family together. But Davide and Shauna want to go back and get married in the village from where Davide come from to make fortune, and in this very occasion our paths cross.

The sorbet of cedar

We were immediately involved in the organizational vortex of resolving Davide who has made known to us his needs.
Despite his resolve, Davide has a very romantic and protective side over Shauna and he asked us a beautiful engagement session for her in Santa Severina castle.

The old town and the castle has been the setting to the photos where Davide showed up in coppola, suspenders and shirt, playing in a funny and light-hearted way the heritage of his land.
That day ended planning their wedding day over a very good sorbet of cedar.

Love is the language

The ceremony took place after a couple of days, when the guests from America all came, ready to celebrate. The place chosen for the ceremony was Palazzo Verga, a beautiful historic residence in the heart of the old town of Cotronei, the sky is cloudy but this is no concern to the couple whatsoever.
While Shauna is getting ready directly on site with her bridesmaids according to a very British custom, Davide came out of his parents’ house (where according to the local customs three generations live under the same roof, from grandparents to grandchildren) accompanied by a procession that crossed the whole village to get Palazzo Verga on foot.

The rite of marriage has bene translated in three languages: Italian, English and British Sign Language (BSL). While the moving ceremony going on, an interpreter translates the formulas of marriage to all the foreign and hearing-impaired guests.
The vow renewal respected the Jewish tradition of Shauna’s family, so it was celebrated under the chuppah and the  ritual break of the glass occurred.

When the ceremony ended, after hugs and kisses, the joyful procession headed by the newlyweds and followed by all the guests has crossed the historical centre of Cotronei on foot, and then move to Villaggio Palumbo on Ampollino Lake in the heart of Greek Sila by car for the party.

Intense reception

The wedding reception was intense and full of deeply personal and moving moments. We will always thank Davide and Shauna for allowing us to create this amazing wedding reportage.

Davide and Shauna immediately have proven to be experienced entertainers, singing and dancing an amazing foxtrot for their enthusiastic guests. But the moment we will never forget was when Shauna sang “Volare” by Domenico Modugno while Davide was simultaneously translating the lyrics in BLS, something that has moved to tears Shauna’s mom, a lot of guests and Raffaella.

Of course there was no lack of a tribute to the Jewish tradition, so all the guests got wild in the Hora, a frenetic dance where the newlyweds are raised on two dancing chairs while they try not to lose the heads of a handkerchief keeping them together. 

What to say…Mazel Tov

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