A blind date – Fran & Francesca

Francesca found us on the web, we received directly on our website an email saying: “We are Fran and Francesca, a Spanish-Italian couple. We’ll get married in Sorrento and we are looking for a photographer.” Already from the first phone call, Francesca said us she’s from Naples and her guests are from all over the world. A very lively wedding was preannounced and we must say we thought: Naples+Spain=Jumble.

Eyes in the sky

The civil wedding would have been outdoor on the terrace overlooking the sea at Villa Giusso, a charming place facing the Gulf of Sorrento. Only a few days after we booked a hotel in Vico Equense because they made their choice: we would be the photographers for their wedding.

We started to make virtual walk-troughs to know every corner of Villa Giusso, searching among images and satellite maps because we don’t like being taken by surprise and we have to know the direction that the light will have on the day.

Getting ready 

On the wedding day we met the both of them for the first time, we arrived very early to make a tour in the Villa and to have time to settle down. The place was really beautiful, of those you see in the postcards. We like so much to arrive before everyone starts, you can feel calm waiting and excitement at the same time.Francesca was in a huge room of this amazing historic residence together with her family.

Some relatives were scattered in the gardens while some others were snacking in a kitchen that was like something out of a fairy tale. The atmosphere was quite relaxed and it was very pleasant to wander in the corridors taking some pictures.

It’s been a pretty light day, lived serenely between lively and concerned guests, families in harmony, tangible emotions and a lot of dance and fun.We have a beautiful memory about this wedding because the feared jumble didn’t just happen, not even when the last penalty against Italy was pulled during a match of the European Championship of that year.

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