Our first Jewish wedding – Joe & Kika

It’s a wonderful early summer day and we are excited almost as the newlyweds. We arrived at Villa Ventura a day before for the rehearsal.
The long tree-lined path of the villa is the intermediary in the transition from real world to the magical one of the charming dwelling which is still a cozy family home.

An emotional rehearsal

We meet Joe and Kika who, visibly moved, can’t stop to look each other and smile. 

Rabbi Barbara, who would conduct the ceremony, is already there together with the two families combined. After the presentations she would have drove us through the knowledge of all the crucial steps of the rite. We like so much new and different situations and our curiosity piqued. Being our first experience with a Jewish rite, we welcomed with pleasure the newlyweds’ invite to be at he rehearsal.

We really don’t like to intrude and without the knowledge of ceremony and precepts you could take this chance. Before starting, the position of the Chuppàh has been chosen. The rite will be in dual language, Italian and in English, and after a few minutes of listening it goes without saying that we can’t wait for tomorrow.

The wedding day

On the wedding day the weather was turning cloudy and rain was forecast, so the Chuppàh was set up  in one of the indoor salons, thankfully the light was still great because exactly in front of the newlyweds there was a huge window facing an olive grove.

The excitement was palpable. All the male guests have been given the Kippah with a clasp. Claudio still has his one.

Choral celebration

The ceremony, as the whole reception, was intense and unforgettable, but what surprised us and what we will never forget was the chemistry, the union and the vivid involvement in the joy of the newlyweds by all.

This allowed us to take intense and full of vitality pictures that we’ll never stop to show in our portfolio because of the joy they transmit.
Joe & kika’s wedding will remain in our hearts forever.

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