A little of performance anxiety – Walter & Antonella

We were waiting anxiously Walter and Antonella’s wedding because it would take place in Apulia, where Claudio was born and come back very pleasantly. We already knew Walter, he had been a college colleague of Raffaella who chose to become a filmmaker for tv and documentaries. 

A perfect partner

One night we were quiet at home and almost at the same time we both received a message from two different friends of us, asking for our availability for a date: it was for Walter’s wedding and our friends had recommended us as photographers. Being Walter of the trade we felt a lot the burden of responsibility and we had some performance anxiety!

We actually could not wait to start, because Walter has proved to be an excellent interlocutor: who better than he could understand the photographic needs about the timing, the position of the sun in the sky or the lighting of the location?

Walter had asked us to interpret his wedding as a party without pretense as spontaneously as possible, giving way to live freely the day also to his guests.

On the road

The wedding day we went on the road early in the morning to reach Fasano, where in the masseria Abbazia of San Lorenzo the ceremony and reception would take place.
You would never believe how landscape changes after only a few kilometers, after few hours of travel every mountain or hill had disappeared and we were surrounded by Apulian plains, where the first trulli started to peep. After a brief technical stop in Fasano, we went to Antonella’s home in Torre a Mare, just steps from the little fishing harbour. Claudio was beside himself to be so close to the sea and in a place so filled with memories of his first university years.
Through the planning made together with Walter, we were perfectly synchronized with the natural light and Antonella did her entrance exactly when the sun was diving on the olive trees that surround the masseria, giving a perfect and unique atmosphere to photograph the ceremony.

Summer lighting

Ceremony was perfect and it’s always very nice to listen to the vows and thoughts that the newlyweds and their friends exchange during the rite: it is possible to touch emotional strings that  vibrate deeply and are always a guarantee of very intense emotions (and pictures!).
Masseria San Lorenzo amazed us. The dinner took place outdoor adjacent the former stables where it was a very soberly and effective lit made with some rows of light bulbs that, besides a magic mood typical of a mediterranean party, allow us to photograph in ambient light without any issue. 

After a few weeks, it’s been wonderful getting from Walter a compliment that filled us with pride: “You have interpreted the whole exactly as I intended”.

We’re very happy that he liked our wedding reportage!

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