Wedding Documentary Storytelling

There is a big box that contains your most cherished belongings.
The one you saw and gave to me.
You collected them, you made an image of them and they are here, close to me.

Two professionals, two photographers, two lovers. Our dual vision into one soul. We will embrace your emotions to tell your story: unique, personal and authentic.

We are your Documentary Wedding Storytellers if…

  • you want an open photo shoot which leaves you free to live your emotions.
  • you value your memories.
  • you are aware that photo shoot is what will remain as a memory of that day, apart from your love of course!
  • you are looking for discreet photographers who can recognize and respect the closeness of a connection.
  • you want a narrative storytelling that evokes the memories of your wedding again after such a long time.

That’s how we will realize it…

  • a preliminary meeting or conference call via Skype in order to understand what you are looking for (times, places, rituals, traditions, flavors and interest).
  • some practical tips on how to make your wedding more photogenic.
  • all our discretion, artistic ability and passion.
  • two points of view who know as to catch the right moment, so much to shoot with one voice.
  • our attendance to cover the whole event, from the preparations to the reception (standard is 9 hours, any changes will be agreed upon “bespoke”) 
  • professional image processing of all the delivered images (approx. 300-400)
  • Our selection of the best images of the day.
  • Eventual layout for printing of your photo story
  • Online gallery with reserved access
  • Usb Pack containing your files directly to your door.

Our Documentary Wedding Storytelling

Our gazes are continuously and constantly looking for all once in a lifetime moment that make unique your marriage and your life. The treasure of your moments gives us every time unique photos. Moments of happiness like your daughter running with open arms along the nave of the church flying in a ray of sunshine. Moments of love like when, just married, your mother hugs you thinking she has lost you and with a smile she tries to hold her tears back. Moment of tenderness like your grandmother who, with a grimace on her face, check and perhaps doesn’t approve, that your dress is too low-necked. Moments of irony like when you really hoped that your friends wouldn’t embarrass you in front of your relatives, but precisely because you know them so well, now you turn away your gaze at the best time. Our sensitivity gets us close to you without noise, without pretensions, in the spontaneity of the moment and it makes us wait for the smiles to become radiant, for the tension to vanish and for the hugs to get warm of tenderness in the heat of your souls.

How much does your photo shoot cost? What is your pricing?

Working together at your wedding as described in our proposal start from € 2.500 VAT included. The shooting is customizable according to your needs, for example changing the hours of coverage or adding the printing of a bespoke album to contain your wedding story. In our Section Bespoke and Album & Print you will find a lot of possible options. Contact us so that we can help you customize your service. 

Let's start to write your story

We will embrace your emotions to tell your story: unique, personal and authentic.

Tell us about the event you are going to live, what feeling do you want to keep forever and tell us what your destination is.

We will be happy to personally answer your request.

We will listen to you for customize a service and arrange a fact-finding call.



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