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I look at them and I smell again the scent of the sugared almond, the flowers, the good; I hear the sounds crystal clear, of your voice and the little bells and jingles; the taste – the sweetness, the bubbles, the flavour of the spring days; I feel the softness of fabrics between my fingers.

The tale of your very special day.

The power of our images comes from your emotions, your places and your connections. Once the famous Italian photographer Ferdinando Scianna said that the greatest privilege a photograph could have is to get in a family photo book. Because a memory is indeed Indelibly Stamped it is necessary to print and preserve it.

Choose Album & Print if…

  • You want a visual story made with pictures where you are the protagonist
  • You are looking for a timeless photography
  • You love things hand made with care and with the time it takes
  • You like the idea of holding your memories in your hand

What should we choose?


  • Flat Album. It’s an album whose spreads remain perfectly flat and allows you to have a panoramic and detailed vision of every part of the image .
  • Book. It’s a book whose main feature is its light sheet to fill with full-page images, like an art book. It has a slim appearance, but it gives you the possibility to add more spreads and  so to have a lot of photos.
  • Classic Album. The most traditional among photo albums, just like the one of our grandparents. Its sheets are made of cardboard in which to glue the photo prints, just as it once was.


  • Chemical. It’s a printing but also a photo shooting made with an analog camera loaded with a black and white 36-exposure film. It’s an extra service and you can add it to the chosen session. Everything will happen like we used to, from the shooting on a film to the developing and printing on a baryta photo paper in  the darkroom. This is the most precious printing because it’s hand made with the tools of the past.
  • Fine Art. It’s a type of pigment printing highly sophisticated and precious, made on the best 100% cotton photo papers. This is the printing you may have seen in galleries and museums. We suggest it, for example, to complete an important Classic Album or if you choose only prints without album for your session. Because nothing is better than a photo printed at its best!

Our Albums and Prints 

We choose for you only handcrafted products of excellent quality and entirely “Made in Italy”. Our album and prints are quality products created with a sober and elegant style, made to preserve your story over the years.

What are the prices of these materials?

Having a variety of materials and solutions very different from each other, we ought to know your preferences. Contact us

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