Keeping up with the swing – Leo & Camille

The super-musical wedding between Leo and Camille in the Lazio hills of Cori was an extraordinary and unforgettable event, a day when love, music and joy united two kindred souls.

It all started with a surprise marriage proposal that warmed the hearts of all those lucky enough to witness this emotional moment. Leo, surrounded by a swing orchestra, waited with his heart in his throat for Camille’s arrival at the airport. When he saw her, he got down on one knee and gave her the engagement ring, and then they danced together, creating a magical atmosphere that captured the attention of everyone who was watching them. For a while, the video of this proposal went around the web. Exciting. Funny.

This same mood permeated the entire wedding, turning it into a unique event. The old Fiat Lancia, now a vintage car, took the bride to the ceremony venue, where Camille made her entrance in a loose, short dress, with an old-fashioned cap adorned with a veil and a vintage hairstyle that recalled the golden years of the past. The 1950s atmosphere was complemented by a band that accompanied the bride and groom throughout the evening, playing swing and rock ‘n roll.

Dancing ’50 style

Leo and Camille, who met just by dancing, decided to keep this aspect alive on their special day. They performed an acrobatic and energetic choreography that left everyone speechless. 

Camille also reserved a special surprise for Leo, dedicating a rhythm and blues song to him. Her interpretation full of groove and irony won the hearts of all the guests and made the moment even more memorable. Their day was celebrated through dance and music.

After the ceremony, we drove up in the old Lancia to the historic center of Cori, crossing a very pleasant little country road made of curves. We paid a visit to the Temple of Hercules, a national monument that dates back to 80 BC. This ancient site provided a lovely backdrop for some of the most beautiful photos of the day, capturing the history and magic of this place steeped in tradition.

Upon our return after dinner, the parents’ speeches were another moving moment of the day. The words filled with emotion and affection paid tribute to the love and happiness of the newlyweds, and provided a valuable opportunity to capture special moments through the camera lens.

Camille’s sparkling personality turned the cake-cutting moment into one of the most exhilarating we have had the pleasure of witnessing. Her overwhelming energy and joyful spirit made this traditional gesture even more special and memorable. It was a moment that perfectly captured Camille’s personality, a mix of spontaneity and happiness that left an indelible mark in the hearts of all who were present.

The party continued late into the night, amidst delicious wine, the warmth of early summer, and the wonderful music that continued to fill the air. It was an unforgettable celebration of a love that was born in dance and will continue to grow and flourish in the next chapters of their life together.

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